I have always been interested in Intercultural Communication having spent more than 15 years in global communications in France and Japan. I have lived and worked in both countries for many years and realized a long time ago that many of the business challenges between nations lies in overcoming differences in societal and corporate cultures. 


I have two main job roles but both are complementary. As Intercultural Communications Consultant – especially as a France and Japan expert – I work to turn these cultural differences into keys of success and satisfaction for both sides. 


As a linguist, I work to correctly interpret the meaning of messages and their content, express them in the other language, verbalize what is not said, and supervise expectations in every step of the exchange. 


To do my job well, I am especially attentive to others and approach each project with curiosity and an open mind. I also stay on top of global trends.


But above all, I work to gain the trust and confidence of all my clients. This is the source of my energy. My leadership ability is based on your trust in me.


Are you going to receive a Japanese delegation or do you have common projects with Japan?

Are you going to have meetings with people from different nationalities?

Do you have a plan to set up a benchmarking session on specific topics in Japan or France?

Do you have documents to translate into other languages, but don’t know who to turn to for help with handling this?

Are you looking for training in the intercultural field?

Or are some of your networks looking for such expertise?


I would be delighted to help you and your networks, to share my expertise and support your international projects. I will offer you customized solutions.


Let’s create unique value together!